Fj39_Electra Black Lamskin Ladies Leather JacketFj39_Electra_2FJ39_Electra_in_Black_Lambskin_FrontSide_ViewFJ39_Electra_in_Black_Lambskin_Back_ViewFj39_Electra_YELLOW_CALFSKIN_frontFj39_Electra_YELLOW_CALFSKIN_BLACK_PIPINGFj39_Electra_YELLOW_CALFSKIN_backFj39_Electra_brown_suede_frontFj39_Electra_brown_suede_back



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A popular style amongst motorcycle enthusiasts and fashion savvy women alike. With convenient stretchy arm, back, and chest ribbing, as well as hip hugging stretch on the side hem, this lovely style was designed with impeccable comfort in mind. Combine all that with intelligent styling, and sublime fit and suburb construction, and let’s just say, it’s hard to improve upon.

Go full-on biker with black cowhide or let your imagination run wild and choose from a wide range of colours in a buttery soft lambskin or a stiffer calfskin.


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